Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 YTD Debt Repayment...

Here is my debt repayment year to date for 2014. I am on target to repay $20k by end of year with my annual bonus combined with regular payments.

Good Focused Day...

I earned my paycheck today. I was moving and shaking from the moment I got into the office. I ran a 2 hour portfolio call in the absence of my colleague, approved a few deals, vetted a new deal and dealt with the security alarm going off at the condo. The tenant called me and we got it all straightened out. I had about 10 minutes for lunch but I'm heading home and feeling good. Just another day in the life of Chitown!

I am pretty settled in at home and I'm very happy. I appreciate the company and I have the added benefit of seeing my sister and nephew every morning because my Mom & Dad take him to school. The tenants love the condo. I swung by there Sunday to pick up some mail and I love their set up and the place was like I left it....super clean and tidy. Thumbs up!

Still recouping financially from traveling and from moving. It will take me another month to balance out and get back on my feet. I plan to pay off two loans in December with my annual bonus and keep pressing forward. 

Keep your head towards the sunshine and you won't see the shadows! 

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

All Moved...

I moved out of my condo on Friday. My Mom and I cleaned up and handed the keys over to the tenants on Saturday. They are all moved in and happy. Rent was paid on time for September and it's done. I'm settling in at my parent's house and it's actually quite a relief. It was absolutely the right decision for me. The tenants asked how long I was looking to rent and said they would like to stay in the unit ideally for two years as they prepare to purchase a home. We will see. I can do a lot of good in two years and who knows if something will change in my life during this time. It's actually good to remove myself from my condo because I have been so attached and adverse to change. Now I feel more open to the possibilities. 

It's been a hectic couple of months making this BIG decision and starting a new job at the same time. Things are really good right now and I feel amazing. I have good direction, a solid plan and family support. I'm blessed.

I'll post my plan soon for the next year to two years. As it stands, I'm still on target to meet and exceed my goals for 2014. 

Thanks for reading and for the encouragement and support. =)

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Moving & New Job...

Hard to believe it but I'm moving in 8 days. I'm 80% packed and ready to go. I got a little sad a couple nights ago because I love my place but I know I'm making the right decision. It's still hard. 

The new job is going well. I like the people and the environment. It feels like a good fit for me. Lots of work and responsibility and I get to stretch myself professionally. 

I'll be back to posting regularly after the move. Thanks for reading and hanging in there with me. =)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Chitown is Moving & Moving Forward....

Hi Everyone!

I am alive and very well. These last two months have been super busy. Over the past two months, I've traveled for work, family and pleasure to Toronto, Detroit, Wisconsin, Dominican Republic, Indy and back to Toronto. Not to mention, I interviewed and accepted an offer for a new position with the Bank. It's been a whirlwind. 

I started my new job on Tuesday and it's been a busy first three days. I'm exhausted! It's compounded by the fact that my evening flight from Toronto to Chicago was cancelled Monday night so my friend and I (who was traveling back to NJ) had to rent a car and drive back to Chicago so I could be home for my first day of work. It took 8 hours with my lead foot and we made it back by 4am. I got her settled in the guest room and got about an hour of sleep before getting up for work. Crazy! 

I have some really good news....I signed the lease with the new tenants last night! Security deposit in hand, Chitown is moving out the condo! Hard to believe. I have my folks and friends coming to help me pack and move. I will need to hire movers for the heavy lifting. It's all coming together though. I made probably the best financial decision of my adulthood when I decided to lease my condo. I have a plan. I just need to keep laser focus to execute the plan. More to come. 

Hope you guys are doing well! 

Monday, July 28, 2014

Open House…

The Open House on Saturday went really well. There was a lot of interest in the Condo and I am supposed to narrow down the choices today to three candidates. I already know my first candidate so hopefully everything will pan out with the credit check. I am making the condo available Sept. 1st and that also works well for the tenant and her husband. We should have the rental agreement signed next week. There is a lot to do in the next month, including starting my new job on Tuesday. All good things through and I am moving in the right direction.  

Have a great day! =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Started Packing...

The rental listing went live on Tuesday and there's already a lot of interest in my condo. There's an open house on Saturday and two showings on Friday. I even started packing. Wow! It's real guys!

An old childhood friend and I that reconnected with a couple years ago saw the listing and is bringing her hubby by to see my place soon. She's already been over for game night and fell in love before. She'd be a great tenant. We'll see what happens. I spent some time today drafting and editing the lease agreement. I'm ready to be free. =)

On another note, my seventh grade boyfriend found me on LinkedIn. LOL He always contacts me every few years and we've maintained a friendship over the years. His Mom passed away halfway through the school year and I will always remember how sad we were when he had to move away to Maryland to live with his Dad. We wrote each other for a while but eventually that faded. Anyway, he lives in Ohio now. He's recently divorced with no children. We're about 2 months apart in age so it's been interesting chatting it up. I think he's planning to drive in for a visit soon. I haven't seem him in at least 10 years. Should be fun. We're kind of two peas in a pod. We've been on the phone having 3-5 hour phone conversations. Just crazy. I'm like...I need sleep!! It's cool though to catch up with him. We were really just flirty best friends in 7th grade. So we'll see. I shared my journey with him and he's also supportive and encouraging of the move home and thinks it's a great idea. So we're both in transition and after a fresh start. Nice! 

Hope you guys had a great day! Just wanted you guys to know I am moving full steam ahead with leasing my condo so I can be debt free sooner rather than later. =)

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spirit of Chicago...

My current view from the Spirit of Chicago Ship. We are having our Summer Outing at work today and the weather is perfect. So happy! I love Chicago!