Friday, February 06, 2009

Chitown Update…

Hi everyone! I am still alive! LOL

I am credit card free and working on a plan to attack my student loans and $1,500 in medical debt. The medical debt is from a surgical procedure I needed to have in December and right now I need to pay my $1,500 out of pocket maximum. My private loans enter repayment in April and I have the wherewithal to at least pay interest only on all my loans. I am hoping to get one more 6-month extension through October because right now, I have little to no savings and I would like to have the opportunity to save at least $2,000 in an Emergency Fund and payoff the medical bill. I still haven’t filed my taxes so I may be able to payoff some of the medical debt with my return.

Good news…I received a promotion and raise at work and my salary got bumped up to $72k. So while I am still behind the buck in terms of salary, I increased my income almost $20k in less than a year. I have to be pretty proud of that.

I am doing a little legal work on the side for an attorney who has a fairly successful private practice. So, I am finally getting some rewarding legal experience. She is also going to pay me on the cases that I work on and that she wins. Per her request, I am keeping track of all of my time and submitting it on a weekly basis. I haven’t received any pay yet but I hope to earn some money this way in the future. I also volunteered to do some pro bono legal work so I am well on my way.

Thanks to all who continue to stop by here. I appreciate all of the encouragement I have received of the last couple of years. =)


Velvet Jones said...

I'm so glad you posted, and that it's really good news! Keep hanging in there, you're making a LOT of progress.

$20k increase in less than a year?! Can a sista borrow a dolla? ;-D

Keep up the good work and don't be a stranger.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Chitown!! Please try and post more regularly in 2009. :)

Chitown said...

Thank Velvet Jones!

I am certainly working on it. =)

alex said...

Hello Windy City Blues author,

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So I have a little offer for you.

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Escape Brooklyn said...

Congrats on the promotion! It's good to see such a positive update.

Lechelle said...

Congrats on your raise! At least someone is getting a raise they can be happy about. :-)

I just found your blog today. I'm trying to payoff some debt (credit cards, student loans), but finding it difficult with my current employment situation - 2% across the board raise, but lets buy three plants for $1.4K for the office.

Keep posting!

change is a good thing said...

Congratulations on the raise and being credit card free! You are making great progress! ;)

Velvet Jones said...

hey there, just checking in. hope everything is going ok. :)

mydebtcomeback said...

wow i just read through your blog and enjoyed following a fellow chicagoan's debt story! and congrats on all your progresses you made the past 3 years!

Bonnie said...

Come back, Chitown!

Finance Advisory Stop said...

Good news, good for you. How about lending me some of that money!? Nice blog by the way -- bookmarked!

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Seth Broidy said...

Where did you go? We want an update :)