Monday, February 26, 2007

February Update…

Sorry for the lack of posts. I am feeling a little frustrated with my job search and finances so I didn’t even want to think about money or the current state of my ever declining net worth.

I still haven’t filed my taxes. So, I will do that some time in the next 2 weeks. I’ve been preparing my bar application and I still have to pay $750 for the exam and $2,500 for the prep program. I am hoping my tax return will cover the prep course.

Using Quicken is going well. I am a little frustrated that some of my credit cards don’t download my transactions daily but rather once a statement is posted. Oh well, I am at least glad that I don’t have to manually enter in my transactions.

I will be posting my monthly recap in the next few days. Just trying to tie up some loose ends. =)


Anonymous said...

Hi Chitown,

sorry to hear the job search has not been more fruitful - have you thought of getting a Paralegal position as a foot in the door, you will then have direct experience and you never know you might be able to move within a law firm to an attourney's position once you are there and established etc, just a thought

Claire x

Chitown said...

Thanks Claire for checking in with me. I did think about paralegal positions and will look further into them in the event that I'm not able to find anything by the end of April. Thankfully, there are several (many) postings for paralegal positions that I can apply for. Thanks again!