Thursday, August 09, 2007

July 2007 Monthly Report…

I have to say that I did not keep a close eye on my finances in July or my ending balances due to studying for the bar, taking the bar and immediately traveling the very next day to Mexico for an entire week to attend my sister’s wedding.

Therefore, I came up with an adjusted month end balance sheet that figures in full repayment of my current credit card balance which was generated during the month of July (except the $750 for my car repairs) and $600 in unexpected residual medical bills that I received in July from a surgery that I had in 2005. I decided to pay off my credit card with savings versus carrying a balance forward. I also removed my credit card from my wallet. This is finally the end of that nonsense once and for all. No more excuses.

So, the balance sheet below is more reflective of my financial condition today rather than at month end. I will report at the end of this month on how I did for the rest of August.

Basically, my net worth declined ever so slightly but certainly in the right direction. I finally received the tuition reimbursement from my employer so a portion went to savings and the remainder went towards paying off my credit card balance and the medical bills previously mentioned.

I am finally on my way.

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