Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OMG...Car Update...

The guy at the Nissan Dealership just called about my car. I took it in this morning. The grand total for the repairs....$1,530!!! Oh Dear...I can't keep up for shit!!! I told the guy NOT to touch my car until I called him back. Oh my, Oh my, Oh my...I can't breathe.

Here is the breakdown:

Regular Maintenace and Inspection: $130
Repair Fog Light: $260
Repair Air Conditioner: $690
New Brakers and Roaders: $450

Total: $1,530

I can get away with not getting the fog light fixed for a while but NO A/C in Chicago during the Summer...Shoot me now!!! I have to be safe so there is no getting around the stupid brakes. Did I already say Oh My!?!? Damn Damn Damn!!! (Excuse my language...In my head, I am kicking and screaming like a spoiled 4 year old child).

*** I can use the EFund, liqudiate stock value at approximately $1,600 or charge the repairs. Ugh!!!


YBP said...

I feel for you... really I do!! Remember my car fiasco??? I suggest use just get it all done so then you don't have anything to worry about.

Keep your head up Chi!!

Aaren said...

Okay, option 3 IS NOT an option. Isn't this the EXACT reason you have an emergency fund and short term funds? So that when you have an emergency, like your car breaking down, you can get it fixed? Take the money out of the short term funds, which is what it's there for, and pay for it, and move on.

gonna_make_it said...

Dealership shops are so overpriced. Theywanted $750 for a new fuel pump.. Mom and pop shop only charged me $450.. Get a second estimate!!! I only get my car repaired at dealership if it is under warrenty otherwise it's a huge waste of money...

Sallie's Niece said...

That sucks. I would go without A/C for as long as you can. It sucks but I've done it before.

Chitown said...


I called the local mom & pop shop that's worked on my family's cars for years. They are going to repair the back brakes/roaders for $297 + tax. That's already about $100 cheaper. They are also going to inspect the air conditioner for free. He was going to charge me $49 for the inspection but I asked him if he would waive the fee if I brought him my car for the brakes/roaders. He agreed. He said the reason the dealership gave me for the A/C is very rare so I am interested to see what he finds. Hopefully it just needs freon or whatever that stuff is that keeps the car cold. I should have become a mechanic and NOT a lawyer. Or a plumber...I may need one of those soon too.

YPB: I am going to get the car fixed but I still think I will put off the fog lights. I don't really need those right now.

Aaren: You're right, I am NOT going to charge the repairs. I will be using the Efund.

Gonna Make It...I think the dealership is definitely overpriced. I also think they are trying to get over since they aren't selling many cars right now. If there is nothing wrong with the A/C, I may never take my car back there again. Especially since it's no longer covered by warranty.

Sallie's Niece: If it's not just a shot of freon for the A/C, I will probably forgo the A/C repair for now.

Anonymous said...

good move going to mom and pop - in fact i was going to suggest it dealership always more expensive :)