Tuesday, October 05, 2010

September 2010 Recap...

Please check out my new blog...

Going forward, I will probably post there more often on a daily basis and use this blog strictly for my financial reporting and personal finance tid bits. My other blog is more of a journal format and will be a mixture of everything going on in my life including my finances. It will be just me trying to create a better life one moment at a time.

So check me out and watch me go from Singing the Blues to absolute Bliss. =)

Here is my financial recap for September 2010. I will be honest...I did not track my spending in September. I had so much going on in my personal life that I just didn't quite give a crap and a lot of cash went through my little fingers. I don't know where it all went and the madness did not stop right away so October won't be pretty either. I used my credit card and I am committed to paying it off in full each month and pulling whatever is necessary out of savings.

I will reiterate...The madness HAS stopped BUT...it only stopped last week.

So...here goes.

One word for the month...overspent!!! I don't have too much else to say. No word yet from the law firm and my last day at the part-time job will be October 16th if not sooner...I am thinking maybe Saturday...or Thursday...I am just done with the part-time job.


DD said...

I also have been way over budget, especially in the groceries, dining out and shopping categories. I've completely reigned everything in and hope that that time was my final backslide. Well, at least till I pay off my debt.

Still sending prayers up for you re: law firm position

Refugees on a Budget said...

Hi - we are just starting our pay-off journey, and are using other bloggers as inspiration. We need any advice we can get ;))

Your blog inspired us to track our income/expenses and then recap at the end of the month. Thanks for that!

Hope you get the job!