Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm Alive....

Hi Everyone!!!

Well it's quarterly reporting month at the job so I am swamped with reporting and two projects. I am trying to keep my head above water.

Exercise and Weight Loss...

I am down from 180-172 lbs...Go Chitown!!! Weight Watchers has been eye opening and I am putting the online program to very good use. As you know, I signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon on September 11th this year. I am moving up to 3 miles on Saturday and I am doing better than expected. My brother-in-law is running with me and we joined a running group that runs every Saturday. It's actually been pretty fun and I am also finally putting my treadmill that I purchased in December 2007 for over $1,000 to good use. I ran on it this morning before work since it's raining today in Chicago.

So....Finances....All is good!!!

I received a Tax Return of $2,100 two weeks ago but unfortunately, I will be shelling out $1,400 today for four new tires and car repairs. First, I am so THANKFUL that I have the money to pay for the repairs. Even if I didn't have the tax return, I would have been able to pay for the repairs with my Emergency Fund and the leftover savings from my bonus in February. I was only saving or accruing in a separate ING account $20/month for auto maintenance and repair. What have I learned?!?! My car is a 2002 and in May of last year, I also shelled out $1,500 for repairs which included new brakes and getting the air conditioner fixed. I have an aging car with ~ 95k miles and no plans to replace it anytime soon. I will need to figure out a way that I can start saving $100/month for car maintenance because the last two years have shown me that there will be maintenance needed but $1,500 for repairs is better than a car note any day.

I haven't been able to stick to the $200/week challenge. For one, $200 is too much for the budget so I had to scale it back. I am going to have to continue making some adjustments to the budget and financial plan but I am happy to report that I have NOT added any new debt, my debt is going down, my eFund is still in tact with a little room to spare and I am 4 months through 2011.

Not bad!!!

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Financial Independence said...

Why do you think that shelling $ 100 or more a month is important?

Why don't just fix you expenses and save the rest? Would it be easier or you need specific target ?