Thursday, July 18, 2013

Change in Pay Frequency....

There is so much change going on with my Organization. I have been employed with the Bank for 13 years. They key players are almost unrecognizable especially since the merger that occurred a couple of years ago.

The most recent change is the change is in pay frequency. For the past 11 years, I have gotten paid once a month which some might find difficult but I am comfortable after all this time. Starting this month, the Bank moved all employees to bi-weekly pay and my monthly take home decreased substantially since it is spread out over 26 pay periods versus 12 pay periods. My monthly income decreased $460!!! Ouch! Sure I will get two extra paychecks in a year but that is a drastic change. So, I am back to the budget to see how I can make it all happen and let me tell you, I am trying to plug numbers in here and there and it's just super TIGHT!!!

Ouch is an understatement!!!

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