Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Interview for Part-time Job…

I had the interview with Macy’s yesterday. The position was an “on call” position in small fragrances. I will tell you what I told my reader Aaren. The position is not suited for me and I am not suited for the position. BUT…I didn’t turn it down. I will find out one way or the other next week. First, they would like someone with more flexibility so that if a full-time or part-time worker calls off, they can call you and ask you to work. You never know when they will call so there is no guaranteed money or schedule involved. Second, I don’t like perfume. It gives me a headache. I am the woman who says no thanks and holds my breath through the perfume section. I don’t take any samples and I happily go to Bath & Body and buy the fruity splashes. Cheaper and no headaches.

There were about four other women who looked like they were there to interview for the same position. They also looked like they didn’t have an office to go back to like I did, so an on call position or any position would be great. I realized how grateful I am for my full-time salaried position (with benefits). I may be underpaid and underemployed but I am still gainfully employed nonetheless.

I sabotaged myself in May. No doubt. I try too hard to please people and I end up with the shorter end of the stick. I know this has to stop but I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that I AM making progress. I am paying all of my bills on time and my debt is going down. I also have excellent credit scores so I am not shirking my responsibilities.

I work hard and sometimes I play too hard. Some people think this blog is about being frugal but it about financial independence and finding the balance on the road to financial freedom. Therefore, when I achieve it, I won’t ever retreat back into financial despair. Let’s be honest, I am 32 years old and it is going to take me 10+ years to pay all of these loans off short of a miracle. I am NOT going to sacrifice everything for the next 10+ years of my life and not live in the process. That may be for some people but that is not for me.

I have cut back on some things and I am looking for ways to eat and entertain for less. I subscribed to Groupon and another service. I bought two Groupons so far that are good for a year. The one Groupon cost me $20 and it includes 2 rounds of bowling and shoes for 4 people. The second Groupon cost me $30 and it is good for food and drinks worth $75 at one of my favorite restaurants. I included the amounts in my current expenses but I still have the Groupons for future dining/entertainment. Again, finding the balance between what I want and what I can afford.

I blew it in May. I make no excuses. I have to admit that some of the comments made me wince and for a while and I was discouraged to blog but I am going to get back on the financial wagon. I know I deserved some of the comments so I hope you’re still there along the road to support me. Thanks for all of your comments and encouragement.


Danielle said...

People make a lot of harsh judgments when they don't know the full reality of your situation. (I frequently get comments about how two married lawyers should be doing just fine. They don't know that my husband and I keep our finances separate and they don't even bother to look at my history.)

Do what is right for you. This always has ups and downs. Be true to yourself and have faith in you. I think you are doing a great job and you are really putting yourself out there. Most people would never be so honest.

Aaren said...

Well, you know I'm hard on you :). But I'm hard on you privately as well, and you know it's in love and because I genuinely think you can make this work.

I agree totally with Danielle (whose blog I also follow and love). People think a lawyer and doctor should be doing fine too, but if only they knew...

Nix the Macy's job; there are other opportunities out there. The fact that you're looking is such huge progress for you, such a major step in the right direction. Steady progress is better than no progress; even when you take your steps back, like May, just make sure that the sum of your steps is forward.

ZMartix said...

I used to be an on-call worker for Macy's as one of my part time gigs. Those on-call for them was irritating. Good Luck in your search.

I have followed your blog and others for sometime now. Normally the blogger outlines their long and or short term strategy, but I haven't seen this. Have I overlooked your strategy?

Chitown said...

@ Danielle: Have I been gone for that long that I missed the close of your blog. I will have to bookmark the new site. =)

@ Aaren: I love that...make sure the sum of your steps is forward. I think not being patient and trying to do too much too fast in the past also contributed to my financial situation. I need to be okay with steady and continual progress. =)

@ ZMartix: Thanks for reading and for your comment. I am developing a strategy and you actually gave me a good idea for a future blog post. I guess my strategy for now is to learn how to control my spending while still timely paying on all of my bills and debts. I have a spending problem and could probably go to therapy for it (no kidding).

Once I get my spending under control, I hope to find a way to contribute to my retirement plan again while snowballing the payments on my debts. I am an underemployed attorney so I am looking for ways to increase my income while maintaining my current position until something better comes along.

Here are my Goals for 2010:

1. Use only cash and debit cards.
2. Live below my means and within my budget.
3. No more debt and no credit card use.
4. Continue networking to land law position.
5. Work to find avenues to increase my income.
6. Use savings and not credit for emergencies.

So far so good. =)

Alice said...

What about waitressing or a starbucks type part-time job? How about renegotiating with your firm? Ask them what move you need to make in order to make more money there! It seems as though you have said you are underemployed for two years now... you need to follow up with them!

Anonymous said...

In regard to what you said in your strategy about finding part time work. I want to recommend the book "48 days to the work you love". I recently read this book due to a friends recommendation.

Although, I was not in the author's targeted audience it did get my mind thinking and I gained new perspective on what I could do with the skills I had to gain part time income.

I am not sure about the regulations around providing legal advice, but maybe you could provide your services, like reviewing documents for small businesses (i.e. reviewing contracts) or individuals (i.e. simple wills).

Anonymous said...


You are doing better - and from what we can tell as readers, you are being honest about your finances, which does require a lot of strength.

That said, I don't think we have seen a single month so far that you have not spent more than you have earned. (If I am incorrect, I apologize).

You can talk all the time about how you aren't going to stop enjoying life (which, by the way, no one told you that you could not do), which consists of spending money you do not have.

In a way, IMHO, you are your biggest enemy. I am not hearing anyone in your life demanding that you spend money you don't have on them.

One person's idea of enjoying life is having a 200K car, or a second home, or buying 6K dresses. It may not be yours - buying $150 dresses is your idea of enjoying life. My point is, that YOU decide ways to enjoy life. You have just chosen to do/buy things that you cannot afford!

It is true, we do make harsh judgements, but that because we don't like to see your debts increase!

The marketers have gotten to you. You have equated happiness with having "x".

That said, I think your downward spiral has slowed. Good news in that regard.