Friday, June 04, 2010

Spending Report...

Happy Friday!!! I could scream and jump up and down because I am so glad it's Friday.

I lost my monthly metra train pass and it’s only the 4th of June!!! That sucker costs $130 so I am going to go home and search every inch of my condo and my car. Ugh!!!

My grandmother is in the hospital for the next 3 days for psych evaluation. She was basically kicked out of the nursing home last night. She was staying there for a week in respa care to give my mom a much needed break. Who knew alzheimers could be so nasty and turn a gentle person into the meanest person?!?! They definitely don’t show that side of alzheimers on television so I feel like I was duped. I thought she would just forget everyone and draw, paint or just stare and watch television for the rest of her days. Not the screaming and hollering that she does all day long. Goodness!!!

Anyway…I was at the hospital for several hours last night with my mom, dad and sister. This trip to the hospital may expedite her placement into a home. People…LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE!!! I don’t know all the nuances about the insurance but I sure wish my grandmother had it so that we had more flexibility in choosing the facility or even the possibility of keeping her at home with a full-time caretaker.

On to the next…here is my spending report and budget for June.

I had a cookout for Memorial Day. I originally planned to share the expense with my boyfriend but he hit a bad bump over railroad tracks that caused major damage to his car over the weekend. It cost him almost $1,000. Needless to say, he couldn’t share in the expense as planned.

This is also the first month that I am actually trying to budget in a draw from my savings. My parents offered to help and give me $300/month. We’ll see. My Dad actually came to the cookout and everything. He had a good time.

I don't have anything planned for the rest of the month other than Father's Day. There is a golf course nearby that is offering dinner, two rounds of golf and a bucket of balls at the range for $75. Coincidentally, this is also the golf course where my friend had her wedding a few weeks ago. This Father's Day deal may be my Dad's father's day gift since he likes the course. My sister may get it for my brother-in-law so we may just split the cost and get them both the same thing and spend $75 instead of $50/person. They love to golf together so it's perfect.


The Borrower said...

Sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know when my grandmother's mind was stolen by Alzheimer's she too was mean spirited. I always believed it was the person buried inside that was feeling frustration by the situation and that helped, because it made it understandable. As a future victim (from what the medical community says) I pray I go before my mind does and that I limit the abuse on my family. The last thing I want is to leave them like this and now understand the benefits of euthanasia (for me and my family anyway).

Aaren said...

My prayers are with you and your family. My grandfather also had Alzheimer's and became mean and physical during his last stages. We were blessed that he was a WWII vet and the hospital took care of him, because there were points when we thought he'd hurt granny.

On another note, I see the student loan jump. Yikes. Just keep on keeping on; you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Friday :)!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear about your grandmother. There are lots of good resources for families of people with the disease, so I hope you and your parents take advantage of them.

Re: your Memorial Day cookout. You said your boyfriend couldn't help because of his surprise car expense. That's a good reason not to contribute, but the fact is, with the way you spent last month, you couldn't afford to contribute, either!

Not that you should stop having all fun, and spend every penny on debt and stay home and lead a sad little life that consists of going to work and eating rice and beans, BUT... In addition to getting a second job (and congrats on getting started with that), you need to cut expenses or else you're never going to get yourself out from under the massive debt load you're carrying. Maybe a BBQ, so soon after so much crazy spending, isn't the way to go.

Chitown said...

@ The Borrower: I feel guity sometimes hoping that the Lord hears my grandma's pleas for Mercy but I know this is NOT the life she wanted to live.

@ Aaren: Yep, glad you peeped the new student loan payment amount. Ouch indeed!!! With the exception of a small $50 medical bill that I will put in the mail this weekend, everything this month has already been paid thankfully.

My grandma is pretty combative too. Her physical strength at 87 amazes me. Thankfully, she was still married to my grandfather who was also a vet so Catholic Charities has been amazing with helping my mother to get care for her.

@ Anon: Thanks for your comment on my grandma. We are definitely looking into all resources. As for the finances, you're probably right about the cookout. It's the first one that I had so I overestimated the amount of food we needed and we ended up with too much food & beverages left over. I won't need to buy soda for months.

gonna_make_it said...

I take it your boyfriend doesn't have an EF.... I don't think it's fair that he was going to give u money and now he can't. He should know what u can't afford to foot the whole bill and should find a way to cover his half of the party. Cuz now his accident is making u try to find a way to cover the expenses you weren't planning on spending. I know if I told someone I would pay half I would find the money somehow. Now you are dipping into saving again.

Next party a potluck might be a better option

Chitown said...

@ Gonna Make It: I am going to cut the BF some slack this time. No he doesn't have an EF. We've been dating for about a year and a half and met just six months after he spend 14 months serving our country in Iraq. He saved up his money and cleaned up his debt only to come home, buy his first place and lose his job 3 months later. He was unemployed for six months and he's been trying to get his finances back in order too.

When he can do, he does.

Alice said...

Sorry about your grandma! Good luck on your finances... I'm cheering for you! Now may be a good time to talk to the BF about finances to make sure you're on the right page!

gonna_make_it said...

I wasn't trying to b mean or anything. I just have a lot of friends who seem to accept being taking advantage of by their significant other.. Glad to hear that isn't the case with you but remember you can't financially take care of everyone. U need to take care of yourself first. I struggle with that myself. Having to tell people no. And tell ur boyfriend thanks for protecting our country.. My bro just came back from a tour in Iraq.. I heard enough bad stories to last a lifetime.. And it's good that ur bf was able to keep his place hopefully he now knows the importance of an EF

Chitown said...

@ Gonna Make It: I didn't think you were being mean. In fact, I think your point was square on because my ex boyfriend and ex friends really took advantage of me in the past and I let them. He applied for the home credit and they are holding up his refund. As soon as he gets it, I'm sure he will be establishing some kind of EF.

@ Alice: We talk casually about money. Like I'm broke and I'm broke too. He knows I have six figure student loan debt and the monthly payment. We should talk more details so we'll see.