Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My Finances...

Ya'll...I cannot tell you where I am with my finances. For a few weeks in there...I just didn't care. I will regroup this weekend and see where I am. I even used my credit card which I know is a NO-NO!!!

I have a second interview on Friday with the Firm. They invited me back to meet with two more attorneys. That should be it in terms of interviews. I will keep you posted. =) new Blog "Windy City Blues to Windy City Bliss" is under construction and coming along. I already have a few posts over there. I will post a link to it soon.

With Gratitude -- Chitown =)

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DreamChaser57 said...

I have only recently discovered your blog, via the NetIQ website - and I must say I enjoy it quite a bit. Have you ever articulated what your fiscal goals are, specifically? Sometimes when there is a HUGE mountain of debt it is easy to get derailed and discouraged. What are you fighting for? What would you like to see?