Friday, February 25, 2011

$200 Weekly Challenge...

Today is Friday and a new $200/week challenge begins.

Here is last week's recap....Total Spent: $176.97!!!

I put all those groceries from last week to use and didn't eat out much at all. I did need a few toiletries but that was it for the week. I just started accruing for auto maintenance so I didn't have enough in savings. Therefore, it came out of my weekly allowance. No biggie. I am glad I had the additional funds and that I was able to refocus and bounce back from last week. =)


DreamChaser57 said...

Great job this week.

Hey WCB, I’m just curious - are you working on your next goal (Group D-Private Loan, $11K)? How much have you paid? Are you in repayment with all the loans? I know things are probably moving at a snail’s pace, every month is not a bonus month! LOL
Also have you started to read any personal finance books? I believe you said your goal was six for 2011.

smart sorority girl said...

Good luck! I hope your challenge goes well for you! Isn't fun how life always has a way of throwing us off course though? :)Have a good week!

Chitown said...

@ DreamChaser -- Group D is my next goal. I only get paid once a month so it does seem like progress is slow but just this month, I paid off almost $9,000 in debt. I am going to attack Group D next. The balance right now is down to about $10,300 (I don't have my spreadsheet open right now for the exact amount).

@ SmartSororityGirl -- Love the name!!! Thanks a lot. Most times, I am the one who throws ME off course but I have the ability to get right back on. Thank goodness!!! You have a great week too. =)

Anonymous said...

This weekly challenge is really working out for you. I love the pie chart it is so fun and colorful