Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Started Packing...

The rental listing went live on Tuesday and there's already a lot of interest in my condo. There's an open house on Saturday and two showings on Friday. I even started packing. Wow! It's real guys!

An old childhood friend and I that reconnected with a couple years ago saw the listing and is bringing her hubby by to see my place soon. She's already been over for game night and fell in love before. She'd be a great tenant. We'll see what happens. I spent some time today drafting and editing the lease agreement. I'm ready to be free. =)

On another note, my seventh grade boyfriend found me on LinkedIn. LOL He always contacts me every few years and we've maintained a friendship over the years. His Mom passed away halfway through the school year and I will always remember how sad we were when he had to move away to Maryland to live with his Dad. We wrote each other for a while but eventually that faded. Anyway, he lives in Ohio now. He's recently divorced with no children. We're about 2 months apart in age so it's been interesting chatting it up. I think he's planning to drive in for a visit soon. I haven't seem him in at least 10 years. Should be fun. We're kind of two peas in a pod. We've been on the phone having 3-5 hour phone conversations. Just crazy. I'm like...I need sleep!! It's cool though to catch up with him. We were really just flirty best friends in 7th grade. So we'll see. I shared my journey with him and he's also supportive and encouraging of the move home and thinks it's a great idea. So we're both in transition and after a fresh start. Nice! 

Hope you guys had a great day! Just wanted you guys to know I am moving full steam ahead with leasing my condo so I can be debt free sooner rather than later. =)

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Kay B said...

When one door closes and door opens. Maybe this blast from the past guy is the new door. You never know. :-) crossing my fingers for you that the condo rents quickly. One less stress to worry about!