Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Truth Today...

Well, I put off coming here to tell you guys because I wanted a different outcome. However, it is my truth today so here it is...Chitown is Single once again. Yes, the BF and I broke up again a few weeks ago. The dust is still settling from his hasty departure from my life.

I choose not to have anything but love in my heart for him because I wish him the very best. I also choose to be thankful for every single moment I got to spend with him. He was my friend, my heart and companion. I do miss him but every day is better than the day before.

I have the uncanny ability to love unconditionally. I have found that I go out of my way for people and I love them with all of my heart and I am extremely loyal. I will go through the fire for the people I care about and I am used to being the "go to" person who takes care of everyone and everything.

Unfortunately, the people who claim to love me fall short in reciprocating that love, patience and attention to taking care of me in the same regard. So, I am taking care of me now and putting me first. I pray that I will one day have unconditional love and the kind of love that sticks, commits and shows up in good and tough times...A partner in this journey we call life.

Unconditional Love: Once upon a time, there was a person who said they would love you forever. Their love moved on, but your love stayed in the same place. Consider the opportunity to love the greatest of all blessings, even when love doesn't go your way. The love you give is the love you get, and it is all good no matter where love takes you. Let the ability to love another belong to you forever and ever because real love stories never end. - Philosophy


gonna_make_it said...

Awww it sounds like u and I are a lot alike.. I am almost too loyal of a person and when I love someone I love them completely.. I would say there r plenty of fish in the sea but I'm guessing u r still dealing with the pain of letting him go.. Chin up thou.. Everyday gets better.. It wasn't too long ago I was in ur situation and I survived... Anyway I think u r doing a terrific job with ur budget and spending so keep it going!!!

Ps I love ur blog! And I live in the Chicago suburbs so ir blog hits even closer to home when u talk about the city

Anonymous said...

I hate to see you going through a tough time. Take one day at a time.

Ashley @ said...

I went through a break up 2 months ago and the ex and I still live together. We're physically separating in 1 month and it makes my heart happy to see that someone (in Chicago nonetheless!) is going thru something and came out better on the other end! Keep smiling! Chicago summers are amazing but Chicago falls rock too! Go Bears!

Rhitter94 said...

Chitown - I feel your pain, but in a different way. I walked away from someone that I was in love with. And I tried to get over him. It was not until I found out he was seeing someone else and that he was still thinking about me while seeing her that I realized that I needed to be with him. So after much reflection on both parts, we are making a go of it and with the conditions that we will change what broke us the first time.

Chitown said...

@ Gonna Make It: Thanks a lot. Everyday is better than the day before. I am excited about making it within budget for August as well. You will see. =)

Chicago is a beautiful City. One day, I am going to pretend I am a tourist and actually get out and explore. =)

@ Broke by Choice: Yes. One day at a time. =)

@ Ashley: Go Bears!!! Wasn't crazy about the first preseason game but it's early. I am a total Chicago fan.

@ Rhitter94: I still want the relationship. I don't think I realized how much I was letting the negative thoughts about my entire situation affect how I was dealing with people, including my ex.