Friday, August 13, 2010

Networking Trip...

I am having a great time in Wisconsin for this networking event. I played my best round of golf yet and had so much fun in the sun. After the golf luncheon, I went to thank the Chairman and he asked if I was able to meet the Partner in his firm that was in my foursome. Come to find out, this Partner is on the hiring and executive committee. I got along well with him and all of my team. I was probably the second best golfer too in our foursome. Thumbs up!!!

I feel like a lightbulb started to go off in my head when I took the day off on Tuesday. It really went off on Wednesday morning after I had a long and serious talk with a friend. I am going to be just fine, I have so much to offer and I am can add so much to this world and my relationships than any shortcomings I can perceive that I have. I mean come on....I'm Chitown. I am one bad chick!!! =)


Anonymous said...


Hang in there. I know I have been critical of your choices in the previous posts, but it is good to see you take care of yourself (without spending lots of cash you don't have!)

Good for you to use the resources (EAP) that you have. Also, it it greta to hear you using the networking opportunities that present themselves.

Wish you the best!


Chitown said...

@ Kris - Thanks a lot. =)