Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Bitter Sweet....

I got some great news today. All of my bloodwork came back clean and there are no issues with my kidneys or my liver!!! Yes!!! 

The not so great news is that my Mom just told me my godfather is in the hospital. So I will be heading home from Madison on Friday and going straight to the hospital to see him. He's an amazing man. I get my love of dance from him. He is an African Dancer and can even walk on stilts. He had me and my sister in African dance classes at a young age. My Mom isn't a people person and she's a pretty good judge of character. She absolutely loves my godfather. He's my Dad's childhood friend and he's near an dear to me and my sister. 

My godfather had throat cancer and has a permanent trache so he can't eat or drink. He's kind of pulled away from everyone in the last couple of years. Living with a permanent feeding tube in your stomach and not being able to swallow even water is a very hard existence and life. The measure of his strength cannot be understood. I am very proud of him and I love him very much. 

I know it's hard on my parents. They're 65/64 and funerals are becoming commonplace for classmates and known associates. Our neighbor of 20+ years was just laid to rest last week. It's scary facing the reality that my parents are aging. I am thankful for every call I get to make to them, every visit, every time I get to kiss them on their foreheads, hug them, tell them I love them and have them tell me back and know without a shadow of a doubt they do indeed. Thankful! 

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