Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Chitown Down But Not Out....

I am struggling...4 straight days with a terrible headache and I have been working like crazy!!!! I finally got my draft report approved and sent out this morning and I will have a close-out meeting tomorrow. I felt so awful last night, my eyes were twitching, my head was hurting and I was super nauseous . I got home around 9pm, took a shower and I was asleep by 10pm and that's not me at all. I am a total night owl. I didn't even eat dinner. I just couldn't wait to get into the bed and go to sleep.

My godfather was back in the hospital after falling on Sunday and dislodging his trache. He'd just had surgery on Friday so that was a bit of a scare because he was having trouble breathing. He's back home and resting. I love that Man. His walk in life is not easy having survived throat cancer but no longer having the ability to eat or drink. Puts a lot of things in perspective.

I am looking forward to the weekend so I can just relax. 11 more days and then I have a week off for vacation. It's been a tough couple of months but I am still managing to keep a smile on my face.=)

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