Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Returning Items…

I am spending some time today returning a few items to the store which amount to a little over $400. My mother also has a few items to ship back for me which total approximately $800. These returns should reduce the balance on my credit card so I can pay the balance off in full. Currently, the balance stands at almost $1,900.

Some of the purchases are related to trying unsuccessfully to find a dress to wear for graduation. So, my mother is shipping those purchases back. I purchased multiple dresses because I wasn’t sure what would work. I ended up wearing a black suit with a nice blouse, go figure. =) Regardless, my credit cards are always paid off in full.

I am still waiting to receive my final grades for the semester so I can submit my forms for tuition reimbursement. The good news that I have is that my employer is semi working with me and is allowing me to take all of my paid vacation time off in July to study for the bar and 4 days unpaid to attend my sister’s wedding in Cancun, which is just 2 days after the bar. The time off will also give me a little time to decompress following the exam.

The bad/tough news…no vacation time left for the remaining 5 months of the year. Therefore, finding a new position will be paramount.

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The Big Saver said...

Good luck on the exam! Decompressing in Cancun isn't a bad idea at all!!