Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeling Cursed…

Someone must have put a hex on me or something. Last night when I got off the train, a storm was brewing which was blowing freezing snow all over the place and my car was covered with ice. There were whiteout conditions where you could barely see 5 feet in front of your car. So, I put the heat on to defrost the windows.

Well, as I was driving home later that night, I realized that a divot that I had in my windshield from a rock this summer spread the entire width of the windshield. D*mn! So, of course that has to be replaced now because 1) I could get a ticket and 2) it is rather distracting.

The cost will be $225.

So, I get home safely and the wind created a huge snowdrift against my garage door. Once I pull in, the garage door won’t close/stay down because there is too much snow compressed under it. After clearing the snow and trying several times to close the garage door, I am starting to give up and think there is something just wrong with the garage door…again. So I look up at the garage door genie (For those of you who don’t know, it’s the electric box on the ceiling that automates the garage door.) and it smoking, I mean really smoking.

So imagine this…I panic like SH*T, OMG, FIRE, call the fire department….NO…NOT YET…get the fire extinguisher. So I am running to the door between the garage and my condo and of course it’s locked. Fumble with the keys like in my movies when you are like (Lady come on!!!) and finally get it open. Then I am running to my door, dropping every bag on my shoulder and fumbling yet again with the keys. As I try to get my condo unit’s door open, I am thinking…Please God…let the extinguisher be where I remember…Please. Finally I get to the extinguisher and of course, I have no freaking idea how to use it. So, I am running back to the garage, hurriedly reading the directions and finally spraying the thing. Great, the smoke is dying down, it smells, and man…the ceiling in the garage is a little browned. Thank God that crisis was averted. Mind you, it’s like 10 o’clock at night and I know my neighbors are asleep and anyone who rides by will think I am a nut.

So finally, I was able to move my car back outside, manually lower the garage door and unplug the genie from the electrical socket. So, I obviously need a new garage door genie (I have the original one which much be at least 15 years old).

Cost + labor will be $360.

So, today is a $600 day for me. It has to go on my credit card because Chitown is officially flat broke. Shoot me where I stand!!!


Lilo said...

Shoot. That must have been one aggravating night. I am so sorry. Thank goodness you are okay. Hang in there. I hope you have extra good days coming up.

Peachy said...

That stinks. Hope you didn't get frost bite.

I was getting a brain freeze from the wind/snow walking from the train to my car. I didn't even eat ice cream.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Ouch, that's painful. I'm so impressed with your firefighter skills, though! You're like an action movie star!

I bought a fire extinguisher for my kitchen but have no idea how to use it, and know that in the event of a real fire I'll have to waste several minutes just reviewing the friggin' instructions.

I do remember from an emergency training that you're supposed to aim low and swoosh the extinguisher back and forth, but that's about it!

Chitown said...

It was the most hilarious scene you could imagine...I am glad that I can laugh about it. =)

Dimples said...

Won't your car insurance cover the windshield for you? I was driving behind a dump truck and a rock flew off of it and hit my windshield twice. I had two small cracks. I called my insurance and by that afternoon some guy from some windshield repair company came to my apartment and fixed my windshield. And I didn't pay a dime. You really should check into. He told me that you are allowed two windshield replacements a year free of charge with your insurance.

See if your homeowner's insurance will cover the fire damage and garage genie thingy.

Always check out alternatives before spending ya money.

Let me know how it turns out

Tired of being broke said...

Talk about a bad day. Great thing is your ok and your home is safe.

Am with dimples. Check you insurance policy and see what you glass replacement coverage is.

Budgetboy said...

Wow what a day for you! Last night was brutal wasn't it? We get about 50 mph winds in the west suburbs. Now they are saying another 4 inches tomorrow night. Boy how I love winter in Chicago!

SavingDiva said...

I'm sorry to hear about your day! I agree with Dimples...look into your car insurance...

I think tomorrow may be one of those days for check engine light came on in my car today...I'm taking it in tomorrow.

GG said...

Something not enough people know is your comp deductible on your car insurance needs to be $0.


When you have a crack in your windshield, your insurance will fully cover it.

Your rates do not go up because of comp claims.

The difference in cost is teeny-tiny (a few dollars--literally).

Just an FYI. Hopefully it's not late advice, and you're already set with just such a plan!

Strange Bird said...

OUCH! Hope you have lots of better days next week!

mapgirl said...

OMG. I'm so sorry.

Chin up on the job hunt. I'e got my fingers crossed for you.

Canadian Saver said...

What a rough day!!! I'm glad your condo didn't burn down though, thanks to your great firefighting skills :-)