Friday, February 01, 2008

Review of January 2008 Goals…

It was a tough month for sure but here is how I did with my January 2008 Goals. This is the first time I set monthly goals but I actually liked the concept so I will continue in the future.

  1. Move to all cash/debit system

    Negative. What cash? Broke is the word of the month.

  2. Set up automatic payments for my student loans

    Done. Not only did I set up automatic payments for my student loans, but I also put the federal loans that entered repayment 1/1/08 into forbearance for 12 months since I did not get the legal job and my cash flow is strained.

  3. Get job offer to join the Legal Department

    Negative. I got turned down for the position but I did have someone who has decision making power ask me if I would be interested in another position. It’s non-legal but it would be a step up in pay along the lines of the legal position that I posted for. Although it is non-legal and not particularly the direction I want to go in, I can’t be picky at this point if the job is going to increase my salary from $55k to at least $85-$90k. I have to get out of this debt chokehold.

  4. Put $1,000 towards Emergency Fund

    That would also be a negative. Not only is my emergency fund depleted but I owe my parents $600 for the garage genie and my new windshield. My mom said there is no rush to pay them back. When I asked if I could pay them back with my tax return, she said sure. Thankfully, I have wonderful parents. They helped me out tremendously financially and also by making the phone calls to being there to get everything fixed and replaced.

  5. Pay off December/Christmas Damage: ~ $3,770

    Done. It was paid off with my bonus which was supposed go towards repayment of my cc/heloc.

It was a tough month for sure. No doubt.


SavingDiva said...

I also had a rough January....$1400 in car repair for me :(

JW said...

I'm sorry about you not getting the job. Have you considered trying somewhere else?

Good Luck

Ms. M&P said...

Your post is about the 10th I've read in blogger world of a bad January. The month wrecked havoc on me too...we should start a support group or something.