Tuesday, February 05, 2008

January 2008 Recap…

Not much to report. January was not a good month. I put a portion of my student loans in forbearance until 2/2009. My private loans enter repayment in 4/2008 and I will be putting those into 6 months of forbearance.

My goal is to secure a law job within the next two months.

January’s credit check was good and clean. My credit scores are as follows:

Transunion: 738 (750 in December)
Experian: 777 (777 in December)
Equifax: 730 (733 in December)

I am not entirely sure why my credit score declined in January. It may be because Equifax was late in reporting two of my student loans. I am still pleased with my scores.


SavingDiva said...

Are you paying anything toward your student loans?

Chitown said...

Saving Diva,

Not right now.

Once I get my tax return, I will be able to pay back the $600 that I owe my parents for the garage door and windshield replacements. I should also be able to fully fund my emergency fund. Then I will be able to attack my student loan balance.

I need another month or two before I can get my footing.

Escape Brooklyn said...

Your credit is in good shape, Chitown, and it sounds as if you've got a good plan for tackling those student loans!

pfodyssey said...

I might suggest you reconsider the notion of an emergency fund:


VixenOnABudget said...

Out of curiousity, where do you get your scores from?

Chitown said...

I am a Transunion TrueCredit client. I am able to check my credit bureaus and scores whenever I want from all 3 bureaus. It's a small price to pay for peace of mind.