Friday, July 02, 2010


The days are long. I am tired. I don’t like working the second job at all. We are getting let go early today at 3pm at the Bank for the holiday weekend but I have to stick around downtown because I have to work from 5-8pm tonight at my part-time job. I also have to work from 1-7pm on Saturday and then I have to work on Sunday, the 4th of July, from 11-6. They changed my schedule abruptly on Monday.

This is some BS!!! I don’t really care what anyone says….I don’t think the extra money is worth not having any time to myself and time to spend with my family and friends. I am so disenchanted with just about everything right now and how all of this crap turned out. Four freaking years of law school (part-time evening I might add), a licensed attorney and I can barely afford the loan payments. I am a lawyer and I have to slave all day at the full-time gig and then go stand on my feet all night and all weekend for $10.75/hour.

I am not happy…period.


Aaren said...

If you didn't NEED the money, that would be one thing. But you're working two jobs because your expenses exceed your income, and your other option is to slowly drain your savings. You've already gone through almost $4k this year, not including tax refunds, etc. This is, sadly but surely, the price we pay for some of our past decisions.

I would, however, talk to the store about changing hours abruptly. When I worked two jobs management knew they couldn't do that to me because they ran a real risk that I wouldn't be able to work the new shift. I said something once and it was a non-issue after that.

What little words of encouragement I can offer is this: my grandfather (and today is his birthday, may he rest in peace) used to always tell me that it's better to work two jobs when you're young and can handle it, than to have no choice BUT to work two jobs when you're older and can't. You could continue down the path you were on, but eventually you'd end up back where you are now, you'd just be older and less able to handle the stresses of it. Better to deal with the situation now than to let it fester, and that's what you're doing.

Theresa said...

Chitown- I appreciate your frustration. I have been there. 2 jobs suck. But like Aaren said you don't have a lot of options. What are you going to do? I looked at your July budget and there is really nothing close to $400 to cut (and honestly you don't have a great track record for staying on your budget).

Is there anyway you can move out of your condo and rent it out? Move in w/ your parents?

Anonymous said...

This too shall pass. I was right where you are once except I got an MBA and I was working at a Macy's in a different city. I so feel your pain.

At some point I got fed up and I started thinking of how I can make money on my own schedule using the skills that I had from my professional job and schooling. As a legal professional I am sure there are opportunities for you to increase your income with a side hustle.

Hang in there!

gonna_make_it said...

U could try cutting expenses. Cable, home phone etc.. If u cut costs u can work the other Job less often

Anonymous said...


You can choose to quit your job - you just need to live within your means. You have not managed to live within your means yet. Maybe now you have greater incentive. But it is either earn more or spend less. You can choose.


P.S. How is the bring your lunch to work challenge coming?

d in houston said...

Agree with all other posters & really appreciate the concern Aaren shows in such a serious comment. For the first time, you seem to be much more realistic about the gravity of your situation. I've gone back in the past couple of months & read your entire archive. Following your path with great interest. Please keep sticking to it. I started with $225,057 in debt 3 years ago July 1 and I'm down to about $89,000, including the mortgage, which I expect to get rid of in another 24 months or so. The difference between us is that I've felt unwavering focus. You can do this too.

Anonymous said...

can you move, cash out on the equity clear debts (or a substantial part) and start a fresh?

Alternatively I dont suppose bankcruptcy is an option for you with your line of work?

Anonymous said...

what are the business expenses and the insurance expenses for? Can you cut them? That is over $400 monthly right there, equivalent to what you earn on the pt job right?

Are the expenses related to the freelance law stuff? If so do you get enough legal work in to justify that amount of outlay everymonth?

Anonymous said...

You can do this! You don't have a choice... no one is going to rescue you and your expenses exceed your income... you need this part-time job and you need to lower your expenses.

Chitown said...

Thanks for all of the comments! I survived the weekend and I am still employed at both jobs.

I know I need the part-time job so I am going to stick it out for now.