Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend Plans...

This week flew by and I am looking forward to another weekend off.

I get paid $104 tomorrow from the part-time job so that will bring my part-time income for the month to a total of $451. Not shabby. =)

I don't have any plans yet for Friday night. I have a softball game early Saturday afternoon and we are golfing 9 holes on Sunday morning. My Dad paid for the golf outing a month ago but we got rained out so we got a 30-day raincheck. I am hoping to go and see the movie "SALT" on Saturday. It looks like it's going to be pretty good. Hopefully we can catch a matinee. I also have a Groupon worth $35 at a Columbian Steakhouse so the BF and I will probably do dinner and a movie on Saturday. I am hoping to have at least one date night each month if possible. I think my Mom is going to cook on Sunday so we'll probably join my parents for Sunday dinner.

I am going to an out of state charity networking event next month. I can drive but I will have to pay for fuel and a hotel room for two nights. I was invited by the head of a firm that I would like to join so I think it's a terrific opportunity. I think I found a hotel today for $59/night so it is going to cost me ~ $200 max with taxes, fuel and any meals.

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