Thursday, October 19, 2006

When it Rains, it Pours…

Last night I got into a car accident after getting out of class. I just pulled out of the parking lot about 30 seconds before it happened. A woman made an improper turn and sideswiped my car on the passenger side. There is quite a bit of damage and she did not have her insurance card on her but indicated that it was at home. She said she would call me with the information. We’ll see. We did call the police just in case and waited for about an hour in the rain before the officer got there. I was a little worried that the woman would drive away because after she hit me, it didn’t seem like she was going to stop. Rain in Chicago means there are probably accidents like the one I had all over town, so I cannot blame the officer for taking a long time to get there.

So, all in all, I will have to pay my insurance deductible to get the work started on my car and get a rental but my car is drivable…just embarrassingly damaged. Besides, I don’t really blame the woman too much because she just moved here from the South and is unfamiliar with how fast Chicago moves and the sheer amount of one-way streets in Downtown Chicago. If you are new here, it can be very difficult.

The most important thing is that nobody got hurt. The car can be fixed but people are not replaceable and I am grateful that it wasn’t worse.


mapgirl said...

I'm so sorry. Insurance hassle. It's got me down too. But same as you, no one was hurt.

Chitown said...

Yes, I am so grateful that no one was hurt. It was very slick outside last night and the officer said that I was the sixth sideswipe she had that day and that there was a 7 car pileup on Lake Shore Drive. Ouch!

I think my deductible is $250 and I believe that I have rental car coverage as well. I will look into all of that ASAP. I called today to make the claim and find out what else I had to do but silly me left the police report at home and I needed the number off the report to make the claim. I will call the 24 hour number to State Farm tonight!

Tired of being broke said...

Glad your ok and no one was hurt.

I had a similar accident a few weeks ago. Statefarm was really good with everything, the rental process was easy. My deductible is a 1,000. Got the car fixed and everything. Take your car to a statefarm approved autobody repair. The work is guaranteed.