Friday, March 05, 2010

$160 Friday…

Today was an expensive day.

I bought my assistant at work a $20 gift card for her birthday tomorrow and my Mother a $50 gift card for her Birthday today. Once I added birthday cards and activation fees, I walked out of Walgreens $90 lighter.

Then my Sister called on my way home to ask me to pick up the pizza since it was on the way to my parents' house. That also totaled $50. She and I are going to split the cost but it hit my checking account pretty hard.

To round off the day, I needed to stop at Walgreens this evening to pick up my prescription and a few toiletries totaling another $20.

I am going to have to tighten my purse strings for the rest of the weekend. It’s only the 5th of March and when you only get paid once a month…payday is a long way from now.


velvet jones said...

Do you have flexible spending account at work that you can use for medical care? That could come in handy for times like this when cash flow could be an issue.

Chitown said...

Hi Velvet Jones!!!

Where have you been Missy??? How are you doing?

I do have a flex account at work but I don't know anything about it. My prescription was just $10 for the generic.