Thursday, March 04, 2010

Come on Weekend…

I am really looking forward to the weekend. I went to the Alicia Keys concert last night and I didn’t get to bed until almost 1 o’clock this morning. Since I had a meeting at 7:30 am, I had to get up at 5 am and drive all the way downtown to work. It usually takes about an hour to get downtown from the suburbs with morning traffic. Thankfully the expressway was pretty open but now… I am just TIRED!!!

My Mom’s 61st Birthday is tomorrow. I am going to pick her up a gift card this evening and split the cost of a new pair of walking shoes with my sister. I will probably make dinner on Saturday night and go out to a movie with my boyfriend. What to see? What to see?


Aaren said...

First of all, I'm mad that you got to see Alicia. I love her, and that "Have You Tried Sleeping With a Broken Heart" song? Damn that girl can sing!!!

Happy birthday to your mom. She's a youngin ain't she, lol. My mom's 63 this year--can't wait.

Ooh, ooh, Alice in Wonderland!!! Of course, I love Johnny Depp, Tim Burton, and Helena Bonham Carter (so I loved Sweeney Todd, as I'm sure you can imagine). Other than that, no clue, but HAVE FUN!!

Chitown said...

Thanks Aaren!!!

Alicia put on a show. She is so talented. She actually sang a song called "Ready" that I just loved. This is the third time I've seen her in concert.

I am going to see Jay Z in a couple of weeks and Alvin Ailey Dance Company at the end of the month. I bought the tickets for Jay Z in November I think. I bought the tickets for Alicia Keys in December and I bought the tickets for Ailey way back I think in October.

I am also going to see a play with Carl Thomas and Damon Williams next week at the local college. Hmm...I think I have entertainment for the month covered. =)

Aaren said...

Just puttin it out there, I think I hate you right now, lol!! I saw Jay-Z and Mary J. a few summers back and it was RIDICULOUS good. I saw Alicia back at the ladies first concert with Beyonce, Missy and Tamia way back when.

And I love Alvin Ailey Dance; they're so talented, and yeah, I'm just gonna sit here and stew and be jealous.

Chitown said...

lol...too funny.

I saw that same concert in Chicago with Beyonce, Alicia, Missy and Tamia...there are no words. I had a great time.

I also saw Mary J and Jay Z in concert and Mary rocked it!!! I would go and see her again in concert in a heartbeat.

Did you see the BET Honors awards? She was amazing in her tribute to Diddy.

Anonymous said...


I noticed in the comments that you are planning to go to several doubt expensive concerts.

Just a suggestion, do you really want to go to (and pay for at the expense of debt reduction) those concerts? I know they are all greats concerts and all, you really have the money to be going to concerts like that? How much were tickets? Just asking.

Can you substitute more local acts that don't cost much in exchange for these more expensive national acts? Maybe go to one a year?

Again, I ask these questions to make you think. How much do you want to be out of debt? These little purchases all add up after awhile.

If this is important to you, make it a budget item. But if you are looking to get out of debt faster, is this something that you would be willing to give up?

You asked us for our enjoy your concert. :)


Chitown said...

Hi Kris,

The Ailey performance is my once a year concert. I go every year and I often buy my tickets 6 months in advance when they first go on sale.

I purchased the tickets for Alicia Keys concert with the $100 that my Mom & Dad gave me for my birthday in December.

The ticket for the Jay Z Concert was a splurge but for the most part, the ticket was reasonable. I bought that at least 3 months ago. I am going with a group of girlfriends.

The play next week is local.

It isn't easy to find a lot of local stuff that doesn't cost money. I live 45 minutes outside of Downtown Chicago so going into the City can be pretty expensive.