Monday, March 22, 2010

Monthly Progress Report

Below is my monthly progress report. This is the first time I really tracked my expenses so closely. I have to say that it is helping out a lot. Seriously! I can really see where my money is going and I think I will be able to make some adjustments going forward.

  • I definitely need to allocate more for Food & Dining and Transportation.
  • Credit card buster is a one-time carry over from past credit card use.
  • No additional debt and everything paid for with cash and debit.
  • Overspent but doing much better.
  • Decided against vacation next month.


Aaren said...

Hey Chi!

May I ask what your breakdown of grocery shopping to eating out ratio? I remember you saying in a previous post that you go a little nutso in the grocery store, but do you think that would lessen your expenditures?

Also, how do your numbers change for next month when your withholdings and 401k contributions change?

Overall though, not too bad. I think you're doing well, and you're conscious, which is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

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Chitown said...

Hi Aaren!

I do go a bit crazy in the grocery store so I just really go to Sam's Club to get items like frozen tilapia, chicken breast and salmon along with canned green beans. I buy my toiletries there in bulk too so I am not running in and out of the store. The downside is that every few months I run out of stuff and then I have a $200 bill.

I am not good with fresh foods because they spoil. So unless I am going to make something special, then I just go into the store for snacks and staples like bread, milk and bagged lettuce. I found a discount grocery store called Aldi and I can get all of that for less than $15.

I do try to bring my lunch at least twice a week.

There are too many things unfortunately fluctuating right now to project out for the next month or so. 1) I may get an increase which will go in effect at the end of April, 2) my 401k change will go into effect at the end of April, 3) I am not sure when the change in my witholdings will go into effect but I think it's immediate.

Anonymous said...


Congrats for the tracking - pretty soon it will get to be second nature. Once you have a better understanding of what you spend - you can be better poised to know how to cut effectively.

Keep up the good work!