Monday, March 15, 2010


Is one of my favorite hobbies but it is also an expensive hobby. Why oh why?

My boyfriend and I took my Dad to the indoor golf dome near my house on Sunday. We paid for my Dad and split the bill among the two of us to the tune of $24/each for just 30 minutes on the range. Thankfully, you could chip and put all day for free.

We are all outdoors people in my family and thankfully my bf enjoys to play golf. I picked up the sport right after taking the bar in 2007 and since I am a natural athlete, I did pretty good right off the bat and fell in love. It’s just really expensive. If we went out every week, it could easily cost $200/month just in green fees alone. My park district course is even $45 for residents….ridiculous.

I wonder how much I am going to be able to play this Summer.

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