Thursday, April 08, 2010

Credit Cards...

Slowly BUT Surely, it is getting a lot easier for me to use cash and debit for all of my purchases. I wish I never used my credit cards and cannot wait to be free.

I have a goal this year of no additional debt. I have kept that goal thus far and intend to keep the streak going. I know it may seem like I go back and forth with my finances but this is the first time I have truly buckled down to make a difference in the right direction.

I am so grateful for my Blog Readers and for those that leave comments and ask questions. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.


Anonymous said...


I haven't had the chance to comment for a while, but I am glad that you have decided to take control of your finances. It seems hard at first - but I swear it will get easier. Once you start making frugal decisions it gets harder to make the unfrugal ones!

I know it may seem difficult with the increased payments earlier than you expected - but you will find a way - if not - your blog readers will find ways for you!

As for the Boyfriend mentioned in an earlier post - I wish you the best of luck with that. If you keep him around, I hope he has a positive influence on you. If not - it would appear that you would definitely be spending less.

Stick to your plan - no spend days, bring breakfast/lunch to work days, all of the things that slowly but surely will begin to make a difference in your finances. You got through law school - certainly this can't be more difficult?

Keep posting! Keep with the budget!


Aaren said...

I always love what Kris has to say. Such insight!

You've gotten through the first quarter of the year without credit cards!! That's pretty doggone awesome Chi. You should be extremely proud of yourself. You've got a plan moving forward, and while it might take some time for you to start feeling the progress, rest assured, it will come.

And regarding the boyfriend, well, hmm. Only you can know what's right for you, and I wish you the very best in your decision. My only advice is to make sure that he knows what you're trying to do financially, and that the eating out/sleeping over wreaks havoc on your budget. You can't afford to start running through savings again. Good luck!!

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