Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am seriously struggling. Work is beyond crazy. I mean seriously!!! I have a portfolio of 30 clients and they are all mad…just mad!!! I want someone to act right!!!

My 1 year old nephew got tubes in his ear yesterday and thankfully he is just fine.

I am tired of thinking about money!!! I know I don’t have a choice but I am tired!!!

I went back to my tracking and created a custom report from my last paycheck on March 30th through today and here is where I “really” am for this pay period. I’ve been looking at things on a monthly basis but I kept thinking…why don’t I have more cash in my checking account??? Well that would be because I spent some of my paycheck the last 2 days of last month!!! I should really report from paycheck to paycheck and not just monthly. I must do this going forward.

There is no way I am going to meet budget this month. I have another 15 days before I get paid again.


Broke by Choice said...

Chitown, I am so sorry that everything is going so crazy, hang in there.

Like you are about to do, I budget every payday. This has proven to be really helpful. It was kinda overwhelming at first because I did it so often. Overtime it has become so easy and only takes about 15 minutes each payperiod.

Aaren said...

Is transportation going to eat up all of your budget? You still have a small amount of daily spending you could do. Don't give up on making your budget already. If you make the rest of this week, plus the weekend, a no spend week/end, then your only expenses may be transportation related. If you didn't have savings, and you didn't have a credit card, what would you do between now and payday? Think about it in those terms and you might come up with some very creative ways to get through to payday.

I'm sorry your clients are crazy. I accompanied the other attorney to a hearing yesterday, and our client, who is in our profession, nearly lost his mind and acted like the worst of the worst pro se clients. It was AWFUL, and most judges would've held him in contempt. Thank god for sub-judges, lol.

Anonymous said...

what is "personal care"? Seems kinda high every month.

Chitown said...

Personal care was a little higher because my blow dryer broke and needed to be replaced. I also needed to get some proactiv face wash.

In a usual month, the personal care budget accounts for my once a month trip to the hairdressor for a trim and condition and a pedicure. I work out a lot so my feet can get a little bad.

Anonymous said...

you go to the hairdresser every month! every month! what for? If you have dry hair why not buy some conditioner yourself? Pedicure every month! Aghhhhhhh, you cant afford this, this is a luxury.

Anonymous said...


Hang in there with the budget. it is absolutely imperative that you do not spend more than you earn. You have to stop spending when you do not have any more money. This is when creative juices start to flow. Remember when I wrote that this is the time to ask "How can I not need it, get it cheaper, use something I already have, or wait?" Remember, wants versus needs.

You won't have to think so hard about money in the future IF YOU START THINKING ABOUT IT NOW. I can speak from experience. Make the harder decisions now, and once you have a firm financial foundation, you can have more options later.

Don't give in! Do not spend more than you earn!


EasyChange said...

That seems a little strange to me; your budget seems to have nothing for savings. How do you account for that?

I see that the bars on your site indicate that the savings goals are met, but I think that this is something that you might want to consider adding to every month?

Hang in there though; there should be some way to make it work, even if you have to "borrow" a little from next month's discretionary categories.