Monday, April 12, 2010

Monthly Progress Report...

I went grocery shopping this weekend and went over budget. I forgot I had to adjust my budget down from the usual $100 to $70 to account for the higher utilities this month. Consequently, I am adjusting my dining budget and I will just have to make it work. I need to accrue for my quarterly water bill. I also need to accrue for my yearly homeowner's insurance. I will have to pay roughly $250 for that in June or July. Thankfully, I have an extra $250 in savings already.

The weekend was cool. I make it to the gym a couple of times and I also met my Dad at the golf range. Thankfully, he paid for the range.

      • Utilities are $105 higher due to my quarterly water bill.
      • Transportation costs are $190 higher for parking passes.
      • Medical bill from physical therapy is under misc/irregular expenses.
      • My blow dryer died. I purchased a new one under personal care.
      • Blew my grocery budget so I readjusted my dining budget.

      1 comment:

      Aaren said...

      Great job so far! Keep it up and you'll finish this month under budget. What a positive thing that'll be :-D.