Wednesday, April 21, 2010

On A Roll...

I went three days in a row without any spending. Go Chitown!!! the pasta and stretching it with protein sides helped a lot. I cooked a pot of jambalaya last night so I can stretch that for a few days as well.

I tried a new recipe for this Cajun Blackened Chicken last night that I found on my iPhone app and it turned out pretty good. Best thing about it was that I had all of the ingredients. My best friend was pretty amazed on Saturday at how well stocked my kitchen was with utensils and seasonings. I just need to put them to work.

I stopped by my parent's house last night and thought I was just going to come home and make a turkey sandwich and soup for dinner and that I didn't feel like cooking. It was about 5 minutes after I started defrosting the chicken breast when I remembered my original dinner plan. Oh well right...I was in it for the long run. So I cooked and now I have food for at least 2 days.

It's crazy though because I will sometimes have all this food and all I want is a PB&J sandwich. lol

I have class tonight so other than $6 for will be another day of NO discretionary spending. =)


YBP said...

oh.... please share the blackened chicken receipe!!!

Aaren said...

Co-signing on wanting the recipe!

How wonderful Chi!! 3 days of no spending. Only $6 tonight?!?! You are doing an AMAZING job. Keep it up :D!

Broke by Choice said...

3 No Spend Days, you have almost made it have the week. Good for you!!!!

Chitown said...

Here is a link to the recipe. I doubled the seasoning and rubbed it on both sides of the chicken breast with a little olive oil. Yum!!!