Friday, April 23, 2010


The weekend is here and I am truly grateful.

I just found out yesterday after my Dad went to the doctor that he will be having another heart procedure next Friday. He’s been having some discomfort/pain and since he had a massive heart attack last Summer, the cardiologist wants to go back in to check everything out. I believe the procedure will be relatively routine so I am hopeful and prayerful that he will have a very quick recovery.

I probably won’t be going to Kentucky for Derby next weekend since he’s having the procedure on Friday. If they need to repair anything, he may have to stay overnight in the hospital and I don’t want to be away. I know he’s going to be okay.

I may go to the movies tonight to see Death at a Funeral with Martin Lawrence. I could really use a laugh and I think it’s going to be pretty funny. Other than the bridal shower on Saturday, I will probably just hit the gym and relax this weekend. I may go over and sit with my Grandmother who has Alzheimers so that my Mom and Dad can go out to dinner and a movie.

I need to go to Aldi grocery store to pick up bread, eggs and potatoes for meals next week. It should cost less than $10. That’s about it. I am going to give myself a pedicure this weekend so overall, I don’t plan to spend more than $30 for the weekend with the groceries and the movie.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!!! Please say a prayer for my Dad. =)


YBP said...

I'm praying for him, and you as well. Enjoy your weekend!

Chitown said...

Thanks YBP!!!

Anonymous said...


I hope your dad is ok! Best of wishes for him.

I have to say I am impressed that you have kept with blogging and appear to be honest with both your blog audience and yourself about your finances. It can only continue to get better. Keep the chin up, motivation intact. It is for the long haul - not for overnight, so the changes you are making will stick for awhile.

We all wish the best for you. Keep that in your thoughts this weekend.