Monday, February 22, 2010

Daily Spending…

So last week I spent way too much on food. I realized that I was buying both breakfast and lunch out of pure laziness. I was buying yogurt parfaits from the cafeteria at $3.33 a pop for breakfast. Then I was spending ~ $10/day on lunch and going with my coworkers on their afternoon run to Starbucks and occasionally indulging there as well.

Last week I spent $95 on food & dining. I would like to keep this at $50/week maximum. I would really like to keep it down to about $30/week. I am a single gal and I don’t really cook. I tend to spend a mint in the grocery store so I try to stay out of there as much as possible. I have staples at home and tend to buy lunch but make some kind of dinner at home or I eat at my parent’s house when I go over to visit.

I spent the sum total of $5.00 today. $1.00 for parking and $3.10 to be exact on chili from the cafeteria to go along with the chicken breast I made last night. I also brought some yogurt from home for breakfast. I am making dinner tonight so I don’t have any plans to spend any more money today. If my coworkers go out for coffee. I will go for the walk but I won’t get anything. I’ve done this before so they won’t look at me all strange and make me feel cheap. Starbucks is super expensive.

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