Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Garbage Disposal is Dead...

My garbage disposal died last week…just took one last breath and died. I thought it might just need a little break but's dearly departed. It is probably the original disposal. I’ve been living in my unit for 7 years.

So, I am going to price them this weekend. Based on Home Depot’s website, I am thinking that it will cost between $100-$200. My brother-in-law is pretty awesome. He is willing to install it for me.

Thankfully, I get get my once a monthly salary deposit on Thursday. Just one more thing…


Anonymous said...


Do you need a disposal? Can it wait for awhile? Is it a want or a need? Will it cause damage if left unfixed? Can you make due by using a strainer in the drain instead? Can you change the sink to not have a disposal? Will it be cheaper? Really, people function just fine without a disposal.

Trying to get you to think in a different way EVERY single time you spend your money.


Chitown said...

Hi Kris,

I could probably survive for a while. I have a double sink so I've been using the other side for the last week just fine.

I've been trying to cook more to save money so I use my sink a lot. I would use my disposal almost daily. If I go this weekend and it costs too much then I will probably put it off for a while.