Monday, February 08, 2010

What I Want…

I am going to write here what I really want….My Dream List.

  • Associate position in a mid to large size Chicago firm.
  • Minimum base salary of $125,000.
  • Budget that works within the 60/40 formula.
  • Contribute a minimum of 10% to retirement savings.
  • Zero credit card and student loan debt.
  • Free of student loan debt by age 40 (currently 32).
  • Minimum of one year of living expenses in an emergency fund.


Aaren said...

Awesome! You've got goals. Now what're you gonna do to achieve them? I'm not gonna get into the whole SMART thing, but what goals are you tackling first, and what time frame are you giving yourself? Good for you for writing down what you want!

Chitown said...

Hi Aaren!

I am networking my butt off to leverage off my current position to land a position at a firm. I am trying to make solid connections with at least 5 different firms. I already established 2 good relationships and I am working to develop the other 3.

The finances are coming along but slowly. Getting a raise and/or landing a better paying position will go a long way towards helping me pay off the debt and build a savings cushion.

student credit cards said...

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Danielle said...

This is an extremely sexy list.

Chitown said...

I totally agree. =)

I know it may seem like I am wishing upon a star but a girl has got to dream right. =)