Friday, February 19, 2010

Looking for a Blogger Like Me…

Anyone know of another blogger trying to fight off he debt monkey? As you can see from my blog roll, I read a lot of PF Blogs but none of the writers are like myself.

Can anyone direct me to someone also trying to get debt free and achieve a positive net worth?

Thanks a lot!!!


Beating Broke said...

I'm not sure if I qualify, but you can check out my blog at

YBP said...

girl, im just like you!!! I have close to $80000 in student loan debt plus a mortgage. I think we are all in the same boat!

Aaren said... is another one you might want to look at. not exactly the same, she's married, works in law, blah blah blah, but they're seriously upside down on their home and she's got a bunch of other debts too.

If I blogged I'd say we were alike, for better or for worse :D. I don't have a home, but I do have $187k in student loan debt, some credit cards and car note, don't make much more than you, and also live in a HCOL area. But I don't blog, I just like reading yours (and a bunch others).

Chitown said...

Thanks for the suggestions.

YBP, I added you to my blogroll.

Beating Broke...I will definitely add you as well. =)

Danielle said...

Aaren, thanks for the link.

Chitown, I feel your pain, although based on your very hot graphs, you are much better at saving than I am. If you don't count my house, my net worth is around negative $110k. With the house, it's like negative $310 and getting worse every day because I live in Vegas.

Sallie's Niece said...

Me! I think we're about the same age and both stuck with mega loans from law school.

Anonymous said...


My husband and I graduated from graduate school about 10 years ago with well over 300,000 in debt. We now have 55,000 in debt. It was hard work - but possible. I don't blog, but I can tell you that reading blogs to find expense reduction tips and find a community (it is a mindset that helps as well). I cut out ANYTHING that is not necessary and want to be out of debt more than ANYTHING else. All of these things have gone a long way to reducing our debt. It has become a habit.

I don't go out to malls. I go on walks with friends. I read books from the library. I make due with what I have. I don't buy prepared foods. All things that have occurred over time. It is now a game I play - how can I get something I need from something I already have?

Friends have been understanding, once they realize that the situation is serious. And it is serious. If I didn't get serious about my debt - it would be around until I retired.

No one can take care of this but you. I have been reading your blog from the beginning (you come and go a lot). I am cheering you on, hoping this time you will stick, and you will have the willpower to improve. Good luck! You can do it and it will get easier.


Chitown said...

Thanks Danielle, Sallie's Niece and Kris!!! I added you guys to my blog roll.

I really could use all the encouragement in the world on this journey to financial freedom. Please don't be strangers.

Anonymous said...


Ok, I will stick around and encourage you. To start off - what are you doing this month that will cause you to reduce your expenses? Is there one thing that you can go without?

I didn't have internet for awhile. Just used what I had at work. No cable. Just cell phone. Saved $80/month. Took PB and J sandwiches to work (I do like PB and J, though, so it wasn't exactly a sacrifice).

None of these changes have to be forever if you really don't like them. What are you going to do? You have been at this for 4 years. Make this year matter. No spend days are great - as long as the spend days don't overcompensate. :)


Anonymous said...

Another blog.

Anonymous said...

You can check out Broke by Choice( checking out. I've gotten a couple of good ideas from it.

Chitown said...

Hi Kris,

This week, I am really going to focus on trying to bring my breakfast and lunch to work. Last week, I bought a yogurt parfait for $3.33 for breakfast and would spend another ~ $10.00 for lunch (...eek). The breakfast thing is new but THAT has to stop.

Now I will admit that I am not much of a cooker so I don't generally have a large grocery bill. I pay for my meals instead.

I find that going to the grocery store can be more expensive than spending about $10/day for eating out. I usually never buy dinner and eat something at home or with my parents. Single gals can still do that.

I am going to think more on your question though and find out what meaningful things I can cut out.

Chitown said...

Thanks Anonymous...I will check those blogs out.

I really appreciate the comments guys. =)

Lulu said...

I guess I am a blogger a little bit like you because I have a NEGATIVE net worth currently.

I also rent and still have not paid off my car. My plan is to be credit card debt free this year and then I can work on the car.

Check out my blog and see if you like it.

Anonymous said...

You can make yogurt in your slow cooker. The blog year of slow cooking has a recipe. It does require being around or having a timer on your slow cooker. It is a good way to save money and if you like your yogurt thicker (like greek yogurt), you can strain it.

Another way to save $.

Anonymous said...

I just found this blogger who has over $100K in student loan debt that he is agressively paying back. He is a new blogger.