Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am going to put it out there to my 400+ friends on Facebook that I do real estate closings on the side. Hopefully I can generate some additional income throughout the year. 

I want to eventually become a Banking/Finance associate at a firm. I should be able to leverage off my 10+ years of Banking experience in large corporate, middle market, small business and loan workout.

We'll see. Other than paying for the professional writing course, I am trying to make it another no spend day. My tax refund is $3,600 so I am going to put $3,000 into savings and use the $600 to pay for the course which costs $595. 

I should have my return direct deposited within the next 2 weeks.     

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YBP said...

go you!!! That means you will reach your short terms savings goal! Congrats