Friday, April 11, 2014


I think I'm going to fly out to LA and get my hair cut and styled! I've never had a real haircut before and my best friend said she'll go with me and we'll make it a weekend. Fun! 

Now that I've let my hair go more freely, it looks a lot like the top left picture. I want to get it cut in a way that will give me more volume and style. So excited! We're shooting for the second weekend in June. 

I found out that I'll be traveling to Houston for a week next month to work on an Oil & Gas Review and then I'm heading to Toronto the first week in June to start the Senior Leadership Program. I'm also hoping to get to Niagara Falls on that trip. I love to travel so bring it on! 

Really looking forward to getting my hair styled. It's going to look awesome!!! 

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