Wednesday, June 11, 2014

2014 Goal Check...

It's time for a Goal Check. Below are the Goals I set for 2014.

  • Pay off a Minimum of $20,000 in Debt
  • Maintain $10,000 in Savings 
  • $6,000 in current savings - savings have depleted the last couple of months.
  • Still planning to end the year with over $5,000 in savings if not closer to $8,000.
  • Still on target to pay off $20k in debt this year.  
  • Interview for a new job next week that would increase my base salary to approx. $112,000 annually plus provide an annual bonus and still allow me to qualify for stock options. Pray for me!
Health & Fitness:
  • 8 Hours of Sleep
  • Minimum of 1 Gallon of Water Daily
  • Run 3 Times a Week
  • Jump Rope 15 Minutes Daily
  • Run Races and at Least 1 Half Marathon 
  • Plenty of sleep. Interrupted but ample.
  • Got off the water kick but back on it heavy.
  • Registering for the Chicago Half Marathon - Training started this month.
  • I love love love to travel.
  • Take at least one big trip - Destination TBD
  • Visit my friends in NJ
  • Visit my friend in DC
  • Visit Niagara Falls
  • Visit CA with a drive up the coast 
  • I made it to Niagara Falls in June 2014!!! Beautiful! 
  • Going to Toronto for Carabana in August with my friend from NJ for her 35th birthday. 
  • My other NJ friend is coming to Chicago for the Annual House Music Picnic. 
  • My last NJ friend is moving to DC so I am going to try to get to both my DC friends this year.
  • No plans for LA yet....I would love to also get out there to get my hair cut/trimmed.
  • Looking at last minute deals for 3 nights for my 2-week vacation in July...Anybody want to come with me?!?! lol
Other Comments

I decided that I am going to try my best to strike a balance between my Debt Reduction Plans and Living. I want to live versus just exist to pay bills. Perhaps my original goal to repay all my debt in 5 years was too aggressive but I know I can do it in 8-10 years. With that, I could have $200k+ in retirement savings and close to $50k in other savings/investment assets. The important thing is to pay off my Private Loans that have a variable rate ASAP.

I would enjoy life a little more by stretching the plan but staying focused on the goals. I would be less tense and stressed. I am 36...$200k+ paid off and Debt Free by 44/45 isn't too bad. Of course that time frame could shorten if I have a partner to share expenses with where I can direct more money towards debt reduction. I am focused! I will get all of this debt paid off but I want to enjoy my life too.  

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