Saturday, June 07, 2014

Caffeine Withdrawal...

I know I am very sensitive to caffeine but I endulged in several lattes daily to stay awake when I was in Canada for training. This last week, I was going, going, going non-stop with very little sleep.

Man oh man! In just one week, I'm going through caffeine withdrawal. My head hurts, I'm nauseas and super tired. I went to my nephew's graduation this morning and then we went out for a celebration lunch. Soon as I got home, I couldn't lie down fast enough and slept for 4-5 hours. It was a beautiful day too. It just takes a few days to detox the caffeine out of my system. 

I'm trying to wrap my brain around my finances. I've been on a little spending kick lately. I broke down and finally bought some Cole Haan heels for work. Even on sale, the shoes were $200/pair but they have the Nike technology and come in wide. I've had two toe surgeries so wide shoes just feel better. 

I'll tally the damage up this week. I just have to say, Capital One is Awesome! I lost my credit card about a month ago and they express mailed me a new card. Well, I lost it again in Niagara Falls last week and when I called, they didn't give me any hassles. I called the restaurant the next day when I noticed it was missing but they could not locate the card. They finally found it and called me today but I'd already cancelled the card. I appreciate that Capital One didn't give me a hard time. Kudos! 

Hope you guys are having a good weekend!!! 

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