Saturday, June 14, 2014

Beautiful Wedding...

My Cousin is an absolutely beautiful Bride. She and her Groom dated for 5 years before tying the knot today. About 3 of those years were long distance and they made it work. She eventually relocated from Boston to Dallas where they now reside. 

The ceremony was short and sweet and the reception is very nice. This venue was originally the Ritz Carlton but it is now called The Henry and owned by the Ford Family. Beautiful venue with pieces of artwork everywhere to both visually enjoy or purchase. Very nice!

It's a brunch reception which I think is an amazing idea and I am certain that it is cost saving as well. The ceremony was at 10:30 and the reception immediately followed without much delay. 

There is a buffet with traditional breakfast foods as well as lunch selections. Then you can get omelets and waffles made to order which are brought to your table once prepared. Everything is delicious and yum! The made to order option is great for those who are not big fans of buffets.  Something for everyone. The music is good too! Always a plus in my book! 

Well I have a few more minutes in these 2 hour heels. I am going to go cut a rug and boogie! 

I'm taking notes! I'm next! =)

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