Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy Busy...

Today was a busy but pretty blah day. I don't know. Too much going through my mind. Happens and I'm sure the thunderstorms didn't help.

I am sitting here for a few more minutes watching Millionaire Matchmaker. Pretty cool show and Patti is hilarious. She's actually the one getting matched up this time and the master date or whatever they call it just happens to be at Miraval Spa in Arizona. I really want to go there someday. They just ziplined and I could just see myself climbing right up that ladder eager to take my turn. Fun!

Has anyone ever been to Miraval?

I've been taking care of business. Moving and shaking. I have one last interview on Monday for this position and I am finalizing my life insurance so I can be covered outside of work. I have coverage with my employer but if anything ever happens to my employment, I'm assed out. So, I'm getting a seperate policy so I'm covered and I don't want to wait too much longer because it's more expensive  as I get older. I felt pretty exposed during the application process. They ask some very personal questions which makes total sense but leaves you feeling like..."Damn! You need to know all of that?!?!" I'm getting less and less bashful about my pile of baggage if you will. It is what it is and I can't change any of it now. 

I put in a 10-hour workday today and I'm kind of pooped. I'm not sleepy though and I kind of wish I had some company. This is exactly why I know I need to go away for a few days while I'm off work for vacation. Sitting on the couch vs. Sitting
by the ocean. No brainer to me! I'm thinking the second week in July. Then I can enjoy a week at home, the 4th with my family and Chicago's House Music Picnic on July 5th. Being with my family on July 4th will help me get my mind off the fact that it's Harlem's 40th birthday. I often still wonder where he's at and how he's doing. 

I know...I know. Personal Finance Blog and it costs moola to go on vacation. Gotta find that money tree! 

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