Friday, November 30, 2007

Petty Cash and Change…

I deposited petty cash and change into the bank along with the legal fees I earned last week at a closing. The total deposit amounted to ~ $1,170. I ran into a cash crunch this month and I had to use my credit card. I am going to use a portion of these funds to pay off the balance in full in December. Below is a breakdown of the deposit.

Every night, I remove all single dollar bills out of my wallet as a form of savings. I started doing this a couple of months ago and I accumulated $300 which is awesome and relatively painless. I also had over $100 in change that I also empty out of my wallet on a daily basis. I’ve been holding on to my graduation money so that was also included in the deposit. It didn’t make any sense to have the cash lying around when it should be in the bank earning interest.

Legal fees: $400
Change: $120
Graduation Money: $350
Singles: $300

Everyone is on the same page regarding Christmas so I should be able to pay for the gifts I need to buy with regular cash flow. The market decline this month took a toll on my 401 balance so we’ll see how that affects my overall net worth this month. The most maddening thing is that over $1,000 capitalized on my student loans again this month. I am looking forward to working out a payment plan so that my assets increase every month and my liabilities finally start to decrease.

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