Monday, August 26, 2013

21 Random Facts About Chitown...

1 - I love brussel sprouts.
2 - My parents got my real name from the movie The Godfather.
3 - I have a lot of birthmarks in two different colors.
4 - When I was in junior high, I wanted to be an astronaut or a psychologist. 
5 - My number #1 pet peeve is cigarettes. 
6 - I don't like driving because it's boring. 
7 - My favorite color is purple followed closely by green. 
8 - I have a fear of public speaking. 
9 - I've had my ears pierced more than 5 different times. 
10 - I've always had an eerie feeling going downstairs in my parent's basement. 
11 - I don't like floral perfumes. 
12 - I only had two wisdom teeth. 
13 - I graduated 8th in my high school class.
14 - My favorite author is Nora Roberts. 
15 - My favorite movie is Pretty Woman - "I want the fairy tale"
16 - Haagen Dazs butter pecan is my favorite ice cream. 
17 - I once sang the Star Spangled Banner at the opening of a little league game. 
18 - Fall is my favorite season. 
19 - My sports nickname growing up was Magic so I wore the number 32. 
20 - I daydream a lot but I don't remember what I'm dreaming about. 
21 - The three things I want most is a happy marriage, healthy children and to be debt free. 


gonna_make_it said...

Brussels sprouts... Ewwwwww! I tried them once and that was it for me! I love purple too and only had two wisdom teeth as well. Only problem when they removed them they were on opposite sides of my mouth so it still made eating afterwards miserable.

Do you ever daydream while driving and then realize you don't remember driving the last x amount of miles? I was daydreaming the other day and totally missed my exit off the interstate. Oops!

Chitown said...

@ Gonna Make It - Absolutely! Don't you wonder how you can drive all that way with no memory! It's kind of scary. I'm not sleepy. Just zoned out. I tried to make brussel sprouts this evening. My mom makes them really good. Back to the drawing board for me. They were tasty but you just know how you like stuff to taste. They are an acquired taste! lol