Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Day 1...

I have to go to the grocery store this weekend. Before I go, I have to plan because the grocery store is DANGEROUS!!! Keeping to a list has been near impossible historically.

$400/month is keeping my spending under $15/day. So here's spending for Day 1. This was breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Day 1


Scooze said...

You have done some great work on your goals and budget. I would hate to see you have trouble because of unrealistic expectations. If you look at your budget as $15 a day, you may end up spending it all eating out as you did today. Perhaps you had no food in the house at all and this was the only choice, but this does not allow you any money for clothes, books, entertainment or even, toilet paper! $400 is not much even just for groceries. I spend over $300 a month on groceries tho it includes all household cleaning supplies, alcohol etc I think you need to seriously look at that cable bill and your transportation costs to find some extea money for daiky expenses. Can you get that insurance bill reduced by increasing your deductible? I would guess that a corporate lawyer has to buy a new suit or two every year and at look the part. Then there's shoes. You must need to spend at least $1, 000 per year or close to $100/month. That has to be in the budget! And what about Dr. Visits, medications, travel for the holidays.... please think about these things and put them in the budget. How will you pay for them? Make those decisions now so that you have a plan that is do-able. I worry that this is not going to work as you've spelled it out. You can do it!

Chitown said...

@ Scooze. Thanks for your questions and comments! I am going to really try my best to stick to the $600 for personal and miscellaneous items each month. I am going on a need based spending diet so I will replace work pants, etc. as needed. On those occasions, I may have to reduce my snowball for that month. The goal is to snowball at least $600/month. I actually tried the accrual saving approach for clothing, etc. and ended up spending what I saved on other things. You have a really good point. I think if there is anything leftover from the $600/month allotted for personal and miscellaneous, I should put that aside in savings for clothing, etc.