Sunday, August 25, 2013

Day 6...

I had a spend day. After struggling through 11 miles this morning, I went to the grocery store to stock up on fruit and to get a loaf of bread. I had leftover alcohol from a party, gatorade, condiments and bottled water in my fridge. That's all folks. I don't really even drink. I need to give that away to my brother-in-law but then my fridge would look super empty. lol

They sent out a blast last Friday that the fridge wasn't working properly. We had to take everything out until it can be repaired. So I stocked up on fruit and grabbed some bread to make PB&J's this week. Why is eating healthy so expensive?!?! I purchased apples, nectarines, grapes, watermelon, melon, bananas and bread and I spent almost $50. Man! The grapes alone were damn near $10 and I didn't buy organic. Oh well...I am going to be a fruit eating sister! I really want to watch what I eat over the next two weeks until the marathon is over. Two years ago, I got food poisoning the day before the race and couldn't run. All that training and I couldn't lace up the sneakers. Not this year! 

After church, I swung by to meet up with my BFF. Her ex husband got remarried today and it was just one of those days when you should have someone with you. She wanted to go to Chili's so we went to Chili's. Not terribly expensive but when you top it off with the groceries, it was a spending day!

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