Monday, August 19, 2013

Spending Fast and Car Update...

With the help of my friend, I got my car fixed and avoided a new car purchase.  I am very thankful for the help and that it was generously offered with no strings attached.  I found it difficult to accept the help or to even ask for help.  Stubborn pride.  Pride that will mess me up and put me in more of a financial bind.  So, I have more time to pay down debt and save for a new car.  Thank God!  I had to get the leak in my car fixed which was done by the body shop who originally did the work for NO CHARGE!  Yes!!!  My friend paid for me to get a complete new brake job (front and back rotors, brake pads and calipers) because the steering wheel was shaking when I went to brake.  Also I needed new drive belts because the car was making noise upon acceleration.  My 11 year old car needed some serious maintenance but what's most important is that I get to ride in a safe car.  So thankful!

I am on a debt reduction mission!!!!  I know it's ambitious as all heck but I want to pay off my debt in 5 years.  Yes....$228k in 5 years!!!!  I can do it!!!  I can do it!!!  Shhh...I will be 40 when it's all paid off!!!

My personal fun life is going to suck but I get my freedom back and I get to do cartwheels in 5 years!!!!  How am I going to do this?!?!  A serious spending fast!!!  I am going on a spending fast like no other spending fast.  If it's not needed, I don't get it.  No more eating out, vacations, etc. unless I am being treated.  Oh dear! I can do this right?!?!

I HAVE TO!!!  This debt is keeping me hostage and up all night.  It weighs on me like a ton of bricks!!!  I have to kick the debt monster out of my life for good!!!  Pray for me guys!!!

All bonuses, extra paychecks, cash rewards, tax returns, etc. go towards paying off debt.  I will ask myself with each purchase if it's needed or wanted.  I will have to report my victories and my shame right here on my blog.  Oh dear!!! Here goes!!!

I will post my spending daily.  My monthly budget and plan will be posted here shortly.

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