Thursday, August 22, 2013

Personal Care Items...

I am a lady!  As such, I need my personal care items.  Unfortunately, the products I found that work best for me aren't the most inexpensive.

I gave up going to my hair stylist weekly to get my hair done back in 2010.  That was costing me $180/month.  Now, I just go 4 times a year to get the ends of my hair trimmed.  I embraced my naturally curly hair and I use Mixed Chicks hair products in the larger size liter bottles.  The deep conditioner combined with the leave-in conditioner costs me approximately $100 every two months.

The other product that I use is Proactiv and I've been using it since 2003.  It simply works best for me. When I deviate to try other products...look out!!!  It's not so good. LOL  Proactiv costs me about $60 every two months.

So why am I telling you all of this?!?!  I happened to realize that both products will need to be replenished either this weekend or next week.  Utilizing the need based approach, I won't feel bad about making the purchases.  However, I just wish they didn't need replenishing at the same darn time! =)

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