Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas Day...

Have a safe and joyous holiday!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

November Recap…

As promised but definitely late…Here is my November 2006 Financial Recap.

Looking back at November, I don’t feel so bad. December will be another story with Christmas. Driving the decline in my net worth for November was the depreciation of my car and the interest capitalization on my student loans. I still spent too much on discretionary purchases to the tune of $1500, which was mostly eating out again. Overall, I don’t feel too bad but I am looking forward to my net worth improving in the near future.

I expect my net worth to decline for the next three months and then hopefully improve from then on out. For December, I have Christmas purchases, my tuition bill is due in January and I have bar exam fees due in February. I finish law school in May. My federal loans go into repayment six months later in December 2007 and my private loans go into repayment nine months later in February 2008. Oh joy!!!

Still no luck finding a job for next year but I am looking all the time and trying to meet with people to network.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Dodged a Shopping Bullet…

So JCrew sent me an e-mail this morning about “Sale and Free Shipping”. Well of course I checked it out and they have the two suits that I have wanted for a while now.

What did I do?

Shopped for everything I wanted and then closed the link before I purchased anything. Then I sent my mom and e-mail and told her to check out my shopping basked at JCrew for more Wish List ideas…

She is going to crack up laughing and do what???? Close the link too. LOL

Be a Millionaire... has a article today called Be a Millionaire: 5 Ways to Get There.

The 5 ways highlighted in the article include the following:

  1. Make Saving Automatic
  2. Take Advantage of Uncle Sam
  3. Make Stocks Work for You
  4. Boost You Earning Power
  5. Don’t Stop Saving


Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogging Vacation...

I am taking a blogging vacation until December 14th so I can focus exclusively on my final exams. I will be officially done with final exams on the 18th but will post my November financial results on the 14th and give you an update on how December is progressing.

I got a rejection e-mail from one of the firms I interviewed with in October. All of their Summer Associates accepted their offers and therefore the firm satisfied their hiring needs for next year. Bummer!!! I haven’t heard back from one other firm so I sent my interviewer an e-mail for a recruiting status update this morning. I will post the results from that e-mail as well.

My 29th Birthday was great. I had a lot of fun over the weekend. My grandmother celebrated her 84th Birthday on Sunday so I have a lot to be thankful for.